A song about a friend

If your friend just became a man,
Not a friend, not a foe,-- just so,
If you really can't tell from the start,
If he's strong in his heart, --
To the peaks take this man -- don't fret!
Do not leave him alone, on his own,
Let him share the same view with you--
Then you'll know if he's true.

If the guy on the peak got weak,
If he lost all his care -- got scared,
Took a step on the frost -- got lost,
Tripped and screamed in exhaust, --
Then the one you held close is false,
Do not bother to yell-- expel, --
We can't take such aboard, and in short
We don't sing of his sort.

If the guy didn't whine nor pine,
He was dull and upset, but went,
When you slipped from the cliff,
He heaved, holding you in his grip;
If he walked right along, seemed strong,
On the top stood like he belonged, --
Then, whenever the chances are slim
You can count on him!

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