Mountain Echo Vladimir Vysotsky’s Translations by I.Shambat

In the quiet valley where rocks do not stand in the way of the windstorm
In such places that no one got there or will get again
There joyfully lived a happy mountain echo
It answered the cry of mankind - yes it answered the cry of the man.

When loneliness comes up to throat as if with a stone
And moan once suppressed falls into the crevasse in the land
The echo would take up this cry that comes out of the throat
Augment manifold and then gently lift up in its hand.

Perhaps it was people, made drunk on a horrible potion
In order that no one would hear their stomping and shouts
Came over to kill, to make soundless the mountain valley
And they tied the echo and they placed a gag in its mouth.

All night they continued the bloody and cruel amusement
And nobody heard but a sound as on it people walked
In morning they shot in the face the quiescent mountain echo
And stones just like tears did burst from the wounded rock.

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