Высоцкий Collected Songs vol.4 320 Kbps

Collected Songs vol.4

Высоцкий Collected Songs vol.4 320 Kbps. Последний Польский альбом

1. Reconnaissance in Force
2. Incident In A Restaurant
3. In The Cold, The Cold
4. I`ve Had Enough Of At All
5. The Hammer Thrower`s Song
6. The High Jumper`s Song
7. Gipsy Ballad
8. Man Overboard
9. Erudite Comrades
10. We Rotate The Earth
11. He Who Doesn`t Shoot
12. The Long Jumper`s Song
13. Marathon
14. After The World Football Championship
15. Kissing The Banner
16. I`Am Absent
17. Mishka Shifman
18. Police Statement On The Case
19. The Microphone`s Song
20. Capricious Horses


Высоцкий Collected Songs vol.4

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