A meeting with the Muse

I'm gonna blow as if three hundred tons of TNT--
I'm charged with dullness of all evil-hearted
But just today, the Muse came forth to me
Stayed for a while, then departed...

I know, she had good motives; I understand--
I have no right to moan here in dismay,
Just think, a Muse... at night... and with a man!
God only known, what some might say!

And yet, I feel rejected and aroused
Because this Muse--and many will agree!--
Had daily hung out at Block's house,
And stayed with Pushkin and never tried to flee

I rushed towards the desk, still so impatient
I beg You, God, please keep me in your sight!
She left, and thus I lacked my inspiration
And--money that she needed for the ride

In rage, I rush around the house in a pother
But I forgive her, even though it's tough
She left me here alone, but for another
I guess, I didn't treat her well enough

Gigantic cake with candles was prepared
Now it dries up from woe; I, too, feel used
And with my neighbor--lowlifes, I have shared
The cognac that was meant just for the Muse

Like people, years have slowly passed on by
All's in the past, I yawning from ennui
She left without a word, without a reason why,
Two lines are left from her, yes only two

Here are the lines--without a doubt, I'm a poet;
I hear applause and I am full of pride;
"I still remember that amazing moment,
When you appeared before my sight!"

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